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With Environment in Mind & Interior Volume

Arcadia Yachts is a renowned Italian shipyard that has carved its niche in the luxury yacht market with a distinctive approach to design and environmental sustainability. Established in 2009, Arcadia Yachts has consistently pushed the boundaries of yacht architecture, blending innovative technology with a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Their vessels are instantly recognizable by their sleek lines, extensive use of glass, and expansive deck spaces that seamlessly merge with the surrounding environment. Arcadia Yachts places a strong emphasis on incorporating solar technology into their yachts, harnessing the power of the sun to reduce environmental impact and increase energy efficiency.


Beyond their commitment to sustainability, Arcadia Yachts is celebrated for its dedication to providing a unique on-board experience. The interiors of their yachts are characterized by a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and functionality, offering panoramic views and a sense of spaciousness. The shipyard’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of their vessels, from the ergonomic layouts to the luxurious amenities. Arcadia Yachts continues to be a trailblazer in the yachting industry, setting new standards for both design innovation and environmental responsibility.

From 18m To Over 35m

Arcadia Yachts’ models showcase a perfect blend of cutting-edge design and sustainable technology. Notable among them is the Arcadia A85S, a 26-meter masterpiece that exemplifies the shipyard’s commitment to eco-friendly yachting. Featuring ample solar panels and an innovative hull design, it emphasizes energy efficiency without compromising luxury. The Arcadia Sherpa XL is another standout, boasting a spacious interior and a convertible deck space that adapts to various uses. Each Arcadia Yacht model embodies a commitment to forward-thinking design, providing owners with not only opulent cruising experiences but also a testament to environmental responsibility in the world of luxury yachting.


Arcadia Yachts has a model for everyone

  • Sherpa 60
  • Sherpa 80
  • A85
  • A96
  • A105
  • A115
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